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Sketchnote-A-Long #15: May 2018 #SNchallenge

27 May 2018 | Free

Description? Makayla will complete May 2018 #SNchallenge Icon Challenge (Page 1) live.  This Sketchnote Hangout is a hands-on session, attendees will be asked to Sketchnote-A-Along with Makayla. Please download May #SNchallenge printables prior to the hangout www.gumroad.com/snchallenge     Facilitator?  By day, Dr.…


Sketchnote Hangout #37 'Calligraphy 101' with Mario Foglia

8 June 2018 | Free and up

International Sketchnote Hangout (#SketchnoteHangout) is a 1 hour Google Hangout that takes place at least once per month and is organised on a voluntary basis. Each Hangout has an overarching topic that is discussed during the first 45 mins. This is followed by…