SNHangout #37 ‘Calligraphy 101’ worksheet and templates

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Mario Foglia’s Calligraphy 101 worksheet

Photo 09-06-2018, 18 31 38

Mario Foglia’s Calligraphy 101 grid template

Mario - Calligrafia 1

Mario Foglia’s Calligraphy 101 lined template

Mario - Calligrafia 2Copyright: Permission has been obtained from author Mario Foglia on 09/06/2018 to publish Mario Foglia’s calligraphy 101 worksheet, grid template, and lined template. Copyright and ownership belong to Mario Foglia.



SNHangout #37 Warm-up Task: Sketching with your Non-dominant Hand

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Give your non-dominant hand a chance to shine!

Control is not always a good thing and, unless you are ambidextrous, this sketchnote hangout warm-up task will require you to give up much of your learned control.

You have 10 minutes to sketch all of these items using your non-dominant hand, you should notice your sketches become looser and fluid.

Have fun!



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