Sketchnote Hangout #30: Face/Off with Miriam Sturdee Warm Up Tasks

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Task One: Rapid storytelling

July Warm Up Task Number 1

Task Two: Rapid sketching

July Warm Up Task Number 2 Co-Created Visual Dictionary

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product image 2 visual dictionary was co-created during ‘#SNhangout No. 17 co-creating sketchnote cheat sheets’ on Thursday 30 June 2016, 20:00 – 21:00 BST. The collaborative session led to the creation of a 2-page visual dictionary that includes actions, emotions, technology, things, concepts, and other. The #SNhangout No. 17 started with a prompt, discussion of the key icons used within sketchnotes, and attendees then to sketched each icon. At the end attendees were asked to submit their sketches. Makayla Lewis vectored the submitted sketches and designed a 2 page A4 black and white PDF. co-created visual dictionary is a FREE .PDF resource for the community to download and use. co-created visual dictionary was drawn by:

  • Makayla Lewis (@maccymacx)
  • Mauro Toselli (@xlontrax)
  • Marianne Rady (@MarianneRady)
  • Marc Dugue (@MarcDugue)
  • Marc Bourguignon (@100978Marc)
  • Claire Ohlenschlager (@claire_ohl)
  • Ruth Baker (@ruthiebee85)
  • Lorraine Kasyan (@LorraineKasyan)
  • Miriam Sturdee (@asmirry)
  • Jim O’Donnell (@pekingspring) co-created visual dictionary was edited by Makayla Lewis (@maccymacx) in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

We would like to thank the wider sketchnote community for your enthusiasm and support for the co-created visual dictionary.

Happy Sketchnoting!


FREE Download


Note: visual dictionary is a free .PDF resource thus entering £0 is acceptable. If you choose to donate please be aware all donations will be fed back into improving for more information please go to 

Acceptable use of Sketchnote Hangout

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Sketchnote Hangout has built an established brand and trademark over 28 months. The use of the term Sketchnote Hangout by other physical or online meetups or hangouts has caused confusion amongst the sketchnote community (legally this is known as ‘passing off‘). This is a polite reminder that use of the term Sketchnote Hangout is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s made clear that these are distinct from Sketchnote Hangout i.e., Sketchnote Hangout on Eventbrite, @SN_Hangout #SNhangout and #SketchnoteHangout on Twitter, and @SN_Hangout, #SNhangout and #SketchnoteHangout on Instagram. I cannot answer questions, provide clarification, offer or guarantee places, validate the success or delivery, or endorse or promote these other sketchnote hangouts or meetups. 

SNhangout No. 27 Warm Up Task ‘Drawing Song Titles’ with Josie Dee

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SNhangout Warmup

This amazingly fun warm up task was created by Josie Dee, an avid sketchnoter who has been sketchnoting for the last 18 months or so. Josie has always been a visual thinker and many of her theatre devising, directing and writing hours are captured visually on post-its and most started with the listening and visualisation of music.


Twitter: @Josi3_dee

Instagram: @Josi3dee

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A special guest from Betabook will be live sketchnoting Tanja Cappell Sketchnote Hangout No. 27 Hand lettering. This will give attendees a chance to see the wonderful sketchnote tool in action, it also means attendees can focus on practicing hand lettering with Tanja and leave the Sketchnote Hangout summary to Betabook special guest.

This month we have teamed up with Betabook to offer the community 10% off all purchases from 14 April to 30 April 2017.


The Betabook’s seamless matte surface makes it easy to save your creations, ideas and notes wherever you are: just take a photo. Betabook is a practical tool for everyday communication and collaboration. It offers you the experience of analog writing without wasting paper. Betabook is designed to be a portable companion you can fit inside a handbag or tote and have with you all the time. It is great for: visual communication, mindmapping, doodling, sketchnotes, note taking, brainstorming, and collecting sensitive and confidential information. Betabook minimal design allows for no digital distractions, enabling you to pay attention to what matters.

To qualify for 10% discount, you must RSVP and attend this hangout. Please RSVP before 13th April 2017 as the discount code will be emailed to RSVPs on 15th April 2017 at 1pm BST.

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Only those that RSVP for this will hangout be sent the code. Only RSVP if you intend to participate in the Hangout. Discount code must NOT be shared with anyone, PERSONAL USE ONLY. Discount code is site wide and can be used multiple times between 14 April to 30 April 2017.