March 24 hours, 24 icons, and a sketchnote challenge

The sketchnote community motto is Ideas, not art!. would like to add Practice makes progress! Today at 21:58 GMT you are invited to sketch 24 icons and a sketchnote in 24 hours using #SNhangout ‘Equinox Edition’ prompt:

Words: Earth, Sun, Equator, Day, Night, Year, Raincoat, Zodiac, Bright, Chirping, Grow, Hatching, Warm, Sprouting, Caterpillar, Melting, Tadpole, Allergies, Nature, Puddles, Rainbow, Spring, Watering Can, and Sundial. Optional task: Sketchnote your spring cleaning plans

Inspiration song:

Please share your creations using #SNhangout  on Twitter and Instagram. Good luck and have fun!