Co-Created Visual Dictionary

product image 2 visual dictionary was co-created during ‘#SNhangout No. 17 co-creating sketchnote cheat sheets’ on Thursday 30 June 2016, 20:00 – 21:00 BST. The collaborative session led to the creation of a 2-page visual dictionary that includes actions, emotions, technology, things, concepts, and other. The #SNhangout No. 17 started with a prompt, discussion of the key icons used within sketchnotes, and attendees then to sketched each icon. At the end attendees were asked to submit their sketches. Makayla Lewis vectored the submitted sketches and designed a 2 page A4 black and white PDF. co-created visual dictionary is a FREE .PDF resource for the community to download and use. co-created visual dictionary was drawn by:

  • Makayla Lewis (@maccymacx)
  • Mauro Toselli (@xlontrax)
  • Marianne Rady (@MarianneRady)
  • Marc Dugue (@MarcDugue)
  • Marc Bourguignon (@100978Marc)
  • Claire Ohlenschlager (@claire_ohl)
  • Ruth Baker (@ruthiebee85)
  • Lorraine Kasyan (@LorraineKasyan)
  • Miriam Sturdee (@asmirry)
  • Jim O’Donnell (@pekingspring) co-created visual dictionary was edited by Makayla Lewis (@maccymacx) in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

We would like to thank the wider sketchnote community for your enthusiasm and support for the co-created visual dictionary.

Happy Sketchnoting!


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