#SNchallenge #Sketchnote4Good Edition Sketchnoting in Therapy for Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Sketchnote Hangout and SketchnoteLDN collaboration ‘#SNchallenge’ has teamed up with a Child and Adolescent Mental Health organisation to bring you #Sketchnote4Good ‘Sketchnoting in Therapy’ Edition.

An organisation of nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists that work in Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Australia approached #SNchallenge in September 2017 to create a printable to support communication in therapy. Four out of five young people who use their service are likely to have an unidentified communication or learning difficulty. Children and young people with these difficulties have problems getting the most out of talking therapy. They think Sketchnoting in therapy can help young people to share, understand and remember ideas and solve problems. They believe visual communication and visual thinking are recommended to help these children and young people access and benefit from therapy. Thus, the theme for this month is ‘Sketchnoting in Therapy’, the printable includes:

Page 1 Child and Adolescent Mental Health icons

Page 2 ‘Enjoy a mindful practice’ sketchnote exercise.

Page 3 Tips for using SNchallenge in therapy and three examples of completed page 1 icons

PLEASE NOTE: The icons, task, and tips have been designed by this Child and Adolescent Mental Health organisation from Australia. The organisation has asked to remain unidentified to protect the privacy of their patients. The printable has been designed for this particular population though we have chosen, with the permission of this organisation, to make it available in the hope it will provide awareness of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and how sketchnoting can be used to support communication in therapy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact SNchallenge editors.

#Sketchnote4Good Edition ‘Sketchnoting in Therapy’ is FREE printable and will remain available indefinitely: