#SNhangout + #SNday2019 24 hours, 24 icons, and a sketchnote challenge!

The sketchnote community motto is Ideas, not art!. SketchnoteHangout.com would like to add Practice makes progress! This year you are invited to sketch 24 icons and a sketchnote in 24 hours using #SNhangout + #SNday2019 prompt:

Icon words: Desire, Goal, Dream, Motivation, Promise, Up, Down, First Step, Health, Education, Direction, Pen, Pencil, Sketchbook, Hope, Story, Story, Journey, Mindful, Practice, Resources, Community, Support, Excitement, Sketchnote. Sketchnote task: sketchnote your creative direction for 2019. Share on twitter using #SNday2019Please share your creations using #SNday2019 on Twitter. Good luck and have fun!

SNHangout #37 Warm-up Task: Sketching with your Non-dominant Hand

Give your non-dominant hand a chance to shine!

Control is not always a good thing and, unless you are ambidextrous, this sketchnote hangout warm-up task will require you to give up much of your learned control.

You have 10 minutes to sketch all of these items using your non-dominant hand, you should notice your sketches become looser and fluid.

Have fun!