Sketchnote Hangout No. 34 Warm Up Task

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SN hangout 34 Task with 20 words to visualise

Sketchnote Hangout No. 28 Visualising ideas and concepts with Eleanor Beer warm-up task and handout

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Warm-up task

SNHangout No. 28 Task


SNHangout No. 28 Handout

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Acceptable use of Sketchnote Hangout

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Sketchnote Hangout has built an established brand and trademark over 28 months. The use of the term Sketchnote Hangout by other physical or online meetups or hangouts has caused confusion amongst the sketchnote community (legally this is known as ‘passing off‘). This is a polite reminder that use of the term Sketchnote Hangout is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s made clear that these are distinct from Sketchnote Hangout i.e. www.sketchnotehangout.com, Sketchnote Hangout on Eventbrite, @SN_Hangout #SNhangout and #SketchnoteHangout on Twitter, and @SN_Hangout, #SNhangout and #SketchnoteHangout on Instagram. I cannot answer questions, provide clarification, offer or guarantee places, validate the success or delivery, or endorse or promote these other sketchnote hangouts or meetups. 

March 2017 #SNchallenge

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SNHangout and SketchnoteLDN collaboration brings you another exciting challenge to get you going for the whole month!
Download your printables and start building your visual vocabulary! At the end of the month practice what you’ve learnt by sketchnoting a story about our Featured Sketchnote Artist beloved pet ‘Tao’. This month has three pages, one for the icon’s, one offering an tips and examples and one for your sketchnote. 

Share your progress daily, weekly or at the end of the month with @SN_Hangout and @SketchnoteLDN using #SNChallenge on Twitter, Instagram or Flickr.

Share the printables with friends and family and have fun!

Download Icon & Sketchnote Challenge printables at www.gumroad.com/snchallenge

Happy Sketchnoting!