SNHangout #37 ‘Calligraphy 101’ worksheet and templates

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Mario Foglia’s Calligraphy 101 worksheet

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Mario Foglia’s Calligraphy 101 grid template

Mario - Calligrafia 1

Mario Foglia’s Calligraphy 101 lined template

Mario - Calligrafia 2Copyright: Permission has been obtained from author Mario Foglia on 09/06/2018 to publish Mario Foglia’s calligraphy 101 worksheet, grid template, and lined template. Copyright and ownership belong to Mario Foglia.


Sketchnote Hangout No. 28 Visualising ideas and concepts with Eleanor Beer warm-up task and handout

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Warm-up task

SNHangout No. 28 Task


SNHangout No. 28 Handout

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